Nordic Group Frozen Seafood
Norwegian seafood, frozen fish

Management Team

The Nordic Group team is considered the leading experts in global sourcing of frozen seafood products in their portfolio.

Our lines of communication are always open. If you have questions, issues or challenges, contact a member of the Nordic Group team. We're committed to providing you with the highest level of service.

Terje Korsnes
President & CEO
1-800-486-4002 or 617-423-3358

Frank Bodin
Vice President
1-800-486-4002 or 617-423-3358

Sebastian Korsnes
Import Manager
1-800-486-4002 or 617-423-3358

Stephen Olson
Director of Procurement and Sales

Mark Cocherl
Regional Sales Manager

Keith Gura
Regional Sales Manager

Thorsteinn Gislason
Director of Business Development
1-800-486-4002 or 617-423-3358

Andrew Hadley
Logistics and Customer Service Manager
1-800-486-4002 or 617-423-3358

Ethan Anderson
Logistics and Customer Service Manager
1-800-486-4002 or 617-423-3358

Rachel Joiner-Escola
Office Manager
1-800-486-4002 or 617-423-3358

Mason Francoeur
1-800-486-4002 or 617-423-3358

> Learn about our commitment to supplying our foodservice customers with the highest quality all natural frozen fish products.

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The Nordic Group team members are empowered to make independent decisions, resulting in responsive and creative solutions to each customer's unique challenges.

Terje Korsnes visiting fishermen in central asia desert
Terje Korsnes, President and CEO of Nordic Group, visiting Pike Perch fishermen in a desert in Central Asia.