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Sourcing Capabilities

Global expertise in developing quality resources for our seafood product portfolio.

We’re a partnership driven company dedicated to providing superior quality fish products to the U.S. marketplace.

Nordic Group’s global supply partners deliver excellence even in the most challenging market conditions. They are chosen for their superior capabilities, integrity and loyalty to Nordic Group and our customers.

Our Atlantic Salmon is farm-raised in Norway and Chile and our premium Cod and Haddock comes from the Barents Sea. We have partnered with producers in Central Asia and Eastern Europe to bring you top quality European lakefish. Nordic Group’s Walleye and Yellow Perch are caught in the crystal clear lakes of North America.

In the Far East, Nordic Group’s partners offer outstanding processing facilities for the Blue Fjord Cod brand, providing the highest quality twice frozen product you can buy.

We make the commitment to continuously explore and evaluate new global sourcing opportunities, offering our customers a consistent supply of products that meet our highest standards.

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Terje Korsnes and the Nordic Group team are considered leading experts in global sourcing of the frozen products in Nordic Group’s portfolio.

Frozen fish global sourcing Central Asia
We have partnered with a network of experts in Central Asia to provide us with top quality Lakefish.